what do you do to protect the environment? any opinion?

@qwe123 (253)
October 6, 2008 4:49am CST
environmental protectioon is a topic everyone is talking about these days. things we do everyday our living habits may influence our future generations are you a hard-core environmentalist? what do you do in your daily life to save energy. reduce waste, and protect the environment? i feet guilty every day when i go to the market to purchase the stuffs for the my meals, because it ends up a couple of plastic bags used to contain what i bought i know plastic bags are detrimental to the environmental protection, but every single one around me is used them. they do not care about environemnt at all. if i do not use, people around me may consider me a weird person. so i guess, persuading ordinary people not used the plastic bags while shoping is a top priority. i am a common people, and what i can do is not to throw dirties casually,. in my opinion, environmental protection is not an old but a constant and meaningful topic especially in this century with increasing amount of raw metarial consumption. frankly, people around me in the lab pay no attention to the energy saving and wwaste reducing at all i am always cutting off the electricity when no one is present in the lab. i am aware that envrionmental conservation is a long term project with the need off every one's effort. only the motivation of all of us is inspired can we have a good outcome of this project and a cleaner and more comfortable envrionment.
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• Philippines
6 Oct 08
i protect the environment in my own little ways. i follow segregation rules. i don't spit anywhere. we should all start with ourselves.=D
@chirantani (1379)
• India
6 Oct 08
I plant trees in my surroundings,and avoid cutting trees.. i think,this way I could save the environment. everybody has to be a bit aware.