electricity stealing!!!

@eliezl (766)
October 6, 2008 5:21am CST
how do u know that ur electricity is being stolen by ur neighbors? its really unfair to pay electricity bill monthly and have someone stealing it and us paying for it... our electricity bill is sooo high! and we don't even use much of it except the computers. we dont have an airconditioner, we rarely use electric machines. still i cant explain how our bill reaches to Php 2000 minimum monthly!!! i have already reported this one to the VECO, but to no avail. results shows its negative. i can just compare my situation to my bf whose family uses 2 computers on everday, 3 televisions on everday, using the microwave and the electric stove everday, electric fan even airconditioner and washing clothes through machine thrice a week and they only have to pay Php 800 per month? strange!! ever experienced that as well? or anyone can relatE?
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