are you a brave person? welcome.

@qwe123 (253)
October 6, 2008 10:11am CST
many people showed enormous strength and bravery during the devastating earthquake in some places. some survived long hours under the rubble. some endured the pain of losing family members. do you consider yourself a person with immense bravery and strength? what is the best display of your fortitude? i do not know whether i am brave and strong, general speaking, many people think so. maybe everyone's bravery and strength and fortitude can turn out during the disaster, i do not think i am a very brave girl in my life. even speak in public makes me nervous and trembling, so it may be harder to say whether i will become braver in such a disaster. maybe when the life is in danger. your fortitude will show out with full energy. for you have no choice, so the display at that time can reflect the actual personality a lot.
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