earn enough money before you say its not important...!

October 6, 2008 11:30am CST
well i guess everyone knows the value of money hope we all remember this line bill gates said this line because money is the most important thing in everyone's life because money is honey friends so lets get out from deep sleep of and think before saying that money is not the most important things in life because you know it is the most important thing in our life....
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@evillo (98)
• Egypt
6 Oct 08
comparing to eeeeverything ...money is an accessory..just a precious kind of accessories..listen pal , if u want to think wide & deep , what if u're not a good guy .. what if u were born weak headed or lacking personality ? would money help u when people keep stalking ur faults or taking everything - including ur beloved money - from you ? trust me..YOU r the most important..if u're not developped well inside , nothing can save u.. i mean nothing..& by YOU i meant ur mind..keep it clean..keep it dirty..both cases well get back at ya
@cheongyc (5072)
• Malaysia
6 Oct 08
Money is the representation of our financial asset. It's also a tool to acquire other things in life in systematic and quantitative form. I would say material wealth (money) is one of the most important thing in life. Because without health, time, family, it's pointless for us to own a lot of friend. Without health, we couldn't even use the money we earn. It's the same with the time. Without time, we couldn't our money either. Without family, it will not be meaningful for us to spend our money alone. Of course, I do not mean money is not important. But it's one of the important thing mentioned above. Without any of these, our life is not complete.