I made an a$$ out of myself.

United States
October 6, 2008 11:41am CST
So I went out on Saturday and my friend Jess was supposed to come out with me but bailed at the last minute. I was determined to have my free time alone so I went out anyways. My ex was at the bar I went to and from previous discussions you may know I am having a really hard time getting over him. Well the night went okay, I mean we don't talk to each other or anything. I had left to go try to find someone to hang out with but no luck so I went back. A friend was sitting next to my ex and I was talking to him. When ex leaves he gives my friend a hug and I made a comment about him being gay for hugging a dude. I didn't think he heard me but he did. I was drunk at this point and for some reason got up and tried to fight him. I ended up getting kicked out of the bar. I called an apologized to the bartender cause I said some not so nice things to her. Now I feel like a loser cause I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
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@granmeme (162)
• United States
7 Oct 08
Many of us have learned through experience that it never pays to drink to much. Or to drink and be around our ex's. Probably should not be around the ex even if you are not drinking. If their is one thing you can get out of this experience it is to drink in moderation, set a limit and go no further. I know how hard it is to stop drinking when you are feeling good, you want to maintain that feeling but before you know it you have had too much. I use to do the same thing but can do longer drink because just one drink gives me a terrible headache and it just is not worth it.
• South Africa
6 Oct 08
You definitely pissed on yourself!Don't see a question but I'd say never return to that bar or drink with moderation!And stay away from your ex from now on. And apologise to your friend !Apart from that just keep face and carry on living!