if there's an emergency, who is the one person you'd call?

@punkix (658)
October 6, 2008 12:25pm CST
what if theres an emergency and its life threatineing? a friend of yours got shot? you see a person getting robbed? whatever it is as long as its an emergency, who is the "ONE" person youd call incase of an emergency?
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@teclive (247)
• Canada
8 Oct 08
umm..does 911 count as a person? If someone has been shot or robbed, i dont think calling their parents first would be a wise idea..not like ma and pa can hop in their truck with their sawed off and find the fecker who did it :) In case of emerg, my first call would be 911 followed by a call to the fam
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
7 Oct 08
The first person I have thought of is my mom. I just think that talking to her would calm me down.
@Mare73 (1335)
• United States
6 Oct 08
911 - If it's a family member - 911 then a close relative; spouse, parent, sibling...
@Ravenladyj (22936)
• United States
6 Oct 08
if its life threatening of course the first call would be 911 in all cases...the second call would depend on the emergency really...