Cars Vs Bikes...Which one do you prefer...?And why..??

@dsharat (456)
October 6, 2008 12:31pm CST
We all are used to one or another vehicle.It may be a car,or a bike,or a cycle or any other means of transportation.But the most commonly used vehicles are cars and bikes.They both have the positive and negative sides...Like cars are more safer,even at a high rated speed.But there is a risk factor in driving a bike.Cars have more protection than bikes,like air bags hard steel body,where as in bikes,we can only wear a helmet on our head...We can comfortably travel for long distances on a car but not on bike...But, on a bike we can move quickly in traffics,but we get stuck in a car...And the list is endless...I prefer a car,because we can enjoy our drive and because of its comforts and safety...Etc.,So mylotters..which one would you prefer...??A car or a bike...??Whats the reason behind it..??? Please share with us... Have a nice day..!!Happy mylotting..!!!
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@macherla (35)
• India
8 Oct 08
i like cars only bcoz they r more safer
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@Kmarie923 (875)
• United States
7 Oct 08
A car definitely. My boyfriend wants a bike, but I would be so worried about him all the time. They just seem so dangerous to me. Yes, they can be really cool sometimes but not worth it to me. Especially in less than favorable weather conditions. Would you really want to be on a bike if it started pouring down rain. A car also gives us the comfort of hiding most of our body from other people and gives you a little more privacy.
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