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October 6, 2008 7:56pm CST
OK people- I was wrong- But because a person has now become a Drug & Alchol Counsolour doesnt give them the right to call everyone else one- You have to keep confidential infromation confidential, she has not I know names and plsces, that is one of her code of ethics and she has broke the like her vows in marriage, when her work finds out what I know, what will they tkink, when her father finds out it will be real interesting-- Please Charlene leve me alone, I have filed what I need to-
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7 Oct 08
how did I break my vows? you have nothing else to throw at me? please. everything was ok until you got drunk, now code of ethics? give me a break. I broke nothing.... you broke my face and my heart. tell them that!