The little incident or a speach which made you to remember all your life time

October 7, 2008 12:31am CST
I have a lot of incident in my life. In particular when me and my friend talks to each other as usual, he told me that he called the world vison, which is a charity that helps the poor children's studies who can't afford to go to school. The charity uses the fund from the people who can spend little amount monthly. If the people interested they can send RS 600 ($15) monthly, this is like a adapting a child for its study. When my friend told me this, I asked how could you do this when we don't have a permanent job, for that he told don't think anything when went to help others, when you go to help others automatically you will get the power to help. Like this very small incident or a speach you heard which make you to remember or even make to change, just share it here
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