What do You Find Scarier?

@donna22 (1120)
October 7, 2008 5:58am CST
I think films like Saw and Hostel are more scry than those baout Monsters etc because these ones deal with people as opposed to things which are made up. Stuff in Saw and Hostel could easily happen in real life.
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@Munchkin547 (2778)
7 Oct 08
I agree with you. I definitely find finlms scarier when the awful things that happen in them could happen in real life. I could happily sit and watch a film like "the ring" alone and sleep soundly in my bed afterwards, but if i was to watch something about a serial killer or something like that, it tends to frighten me a bit more, especially as i live alone, i often think that if a serial killer or some other nasty person wanted to come and get me there's not really an awful lot i'd be able to do about it!! I can also remember being younger and being frightened in bed at night but thinking, it's ok, mum and dad are across the landing and they won't let anyone hurt me! Looking back i don't know what i expected them to do if some evil person broke in!! hehe xxx
7 Oct 08
thanks for the best response!! xxx
@jazz_123 (211)
17 Feb 09
I don't think that things in hostel and saw can happen in real life. Not with todays cultured society and high policing available. Even if someone was psychopathically ill, they would get found out quite easily. For example in hostel part 2, that place, can easily be found in todays modern society.
@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
26 Nov 08
I agree with you! Nothing's scarier than people doing gory things to other people. I mean hey, we're just the same and these guys can do it like they chopping off some animals. Monsters are scary but we tend to forget about them in time unlike when we see things unimaginable and done by man. I prefer Hostel from Saw though.
@risris24 (712)
• United States
15 Nov 08
I watch a lot of scary movies and no matter how scary they are the one that got to me the most even more than saw was Hostel, but even worse was Touristas. I guess it is like you said because these are real people and that type of situation could definitley happen. I will tell you that I will not be staying in a hostel or going to brazil anytime soon.
@ZephyrSun (7382)
• United States
7 Oct 08
I don't really get scared over movies. Whether it is something like Saw or a monster movie. I think that Saw has some gross parts but not scary. I miss the old horror flicks of the 80's that actually scared me but that was probably because I was so young lol