will you give money to beggars?

October 7, 2008 8:01am CST
everytime I go shopping,there is always someone begs me for money.sometimes it is an old person,but there is also young men or women.usually I only give money to the old ones.I think the younger ones are strong ,they should earn money by themselves.how do you think about it?
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• China
7 Oct 08
I think the young men or women are too lazy.
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• China
8 Oct 08
you should say"those men or women",not "the……“,for the word "the" can just (tezhi) one thing.but "men or women" are (fushu).
• United States
29 Nov 08
I was going inside one day to pay for my gas when a middle-aged man walked up to me.. "Can you give me some money? I'm hungry." I looked at him and smiled, "Well lets go in, you can pick out something to eat." He paused.. waited a few seconds, then said "They don't allow me in there.. Please, do you have any change that I could have?" So I looked at him again and told him, "You're not really hungry, are you?" The man just looked down and responded, "Well... No... but thank you anyway" then walked off to go try and bum money off other people. I don't mind buying them food, but I would never just give them money. You know, I've always kind of wanted to ask random homeless people why they're homeless.. what happened? It just doesn't make sense to me.