How do you keep your energy when you're moving?

United States
October 7, 2008 10:39am CST
New house! We're finally getting out of the city. We just officially started last week, and we're close to half done already. (We have to move everything ourselves via my parents' cars) We're getting a stove from freecycle, and a friend of the family is lending us a fridge. We've been picking up alot of our furniture from freecycle and on trash day (the nicest furniture we've ever had, really). And transplanting alot of our plants from here in the city to out there out in the country. Today I'll finish fixing up the fenced in yard behind our new house and set up a dog house for my dog. And soon we'll be moving our indoor plants (such as my mimosa tree). And then hopefully by the end of the week we'll move over our beds and then our cats. Hoo boy. Last few days I've come home and been positively exhausted. Able to stay up just long enough to eat dinner. What're your methods to keeping up enough energy to move? Any interesting, funny stories to tell about moving day(s)?
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@miaonly (72)
• China
12 Oct 08
Well, each time I move, my strech my nerve to extreme to avoid any possible mistake. So, for me, energy derives from worry of mistake. And the feeling of being exhaused always come a few days later, when I suddenly realize " oh, it was all real, I have moved my house, such a hugejob"
• United States
12 Oct 08
Heh, I'm like that with some other things actually. You sound like a very focused individual, Mia!
• China
13 Oct 08
Have to be focused!!!!
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
7 Oct 08
I wish I could keep up my energy during a move. I am in mid move too and I just hate it. We are packing and throwing out junk and it is exhausting after working all day. Then we have the cat problem. They hate to move and hate even more to be in a cage, this to me is the worst part of moving. Last time we moved I fell off a stool when I was cleaning the kitchen cupboards. I hurt my back as I landed on my hubby who fortunately came away unscathed. This time I recommend he stay away from me. Good luck on your move.
• United States
10 Oct 08
Pets can definitely be the hardest part of moving. We have to bathe our cats before we move them (they mind moving less than baths, so I imagine similar upset reactions). Good luck with your move also!
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