I need a raise!!

October 7, 2008 11:01am CST
I work as a hairstylist in a salon and have been working in the same place for the last 8 years. Except for the two years i took off after having a baby. We get one year only for maternity leave and I wasn't planning on going back. But after two years I needed the job so I went back to the same place. The hired me back for less money than what I was making before, so I took it anyway since I need the work. Now it has been eight months since I have been back there and I have asked for a raise they told me I had to wait another month. Now here is my problem if they don't give me a raise should I quit or stay. I like the location and some of the girls I work with. I don't really like head manager that manages all the salons since she is the one I have to deal with to get the raise. Because the lower she keeps the cost in all the salon the bigger and fatter bonus she gets. On sunday I worked there by myself and worked like a dog it was so busy. And since I also work three nights a week, if I leave they will be in trouble since none of the other girls want to work nights. So how do I go about getting the raise without blowing up and quitting. I need atleast a $1/per hour and won't take anything less than that. What should I do?
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7 Oct 08
In the current economy getting a raise will be a tough one. Definitely try and get her when she is in a good mood but also out of earshot from your co-workers. List your strengths and how much you contribute to the business (like repeat customers, successful add-on sales like shampoo bottles etc, willingness to work shifts others don't want). Be reasonable and if the reply is negative, don't blow up, simply inquire about the reasons and if she is done listing those calmly point out the things where she might have been wrong. If you can't come up with something or she still doesn't give in, politely thank her and ask her to please reconsider because you think you are definitely worth more than what you are getting paid right now. If she asks how much, go higher than just the $1/hour because she might counter with lower. If she offers you a lower amount from the start try and negotiate higher by thanking her for the consideration, listing your strengths and say that you think you should deserve a higher like $1/hour. If she doesn't move, take what you can get and again thank her. Then go and look for a higher paying position elsewhere. Don't quit and don't push it to the point that she will fire you. Right now there are more people than ever looking for jobs and more people than ever trying to return to the workforce just like you did. It's easier to look for a good fit elsewhere when you still have a job compared to when you don't and desperate to find something new;)
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8 Oct 08
Great advice I will definately use this. thanks for the response!!