Did you got refund from AP which you have invested in clickin.me

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October 7, 2008 1:22pm CST
Friends Alertpay just refuded my money which i have invested in Clickin.me Thanks to satyakam who guided me on how to get refund from clickin. Here is the prcedeur which i have followed: [i]1. Contact Alertpay with the purchase information. This is the mail you got from alertpay when you paid clickin me. 2. Then they will send you a mail saying to contact clickin.me 3. Then send a mail to clickin.me through support ticket & also open a thread with the purchase information. 4. After a few days (ex: 4 days) contact alertpay again if clickin have not refunded you. 5. Then alertpay will refund you your money[/i] I know my amount is very small. But it was all left after investing in neobux. It is all i have earned so far on my alertpay account. Now it has some money again. Now i am thinking to invest it again. Please help me decide where should i invest them. Right now i can think of these three sites: 1. Crewbux 2. Thinkbux 3. Isabel Marco They are the most trusted site to invest
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@xayuk69 (267)
• Malta
7 Oct 08
Congratulations on your refund. I think the better of the three sites is thinkbux.I have just been paid from think bux. I would surely not invest in Isabel and Marco, they should not be trusted. Goodluck!
• Bangladesh
8 Oct 08
Thinkbux will not be a good place to invest now. You see they ask money from standard members in the name of upgread to pay premium members. So it will be better not to invest in there.