The Presence Of God

October 7, 2008 4:57pm CST
I am opening this topic to dedicated it to God and Jesus Christ. I have been helped from him, in difficult moments. I had (and have) faith, I prayed and He have asked. Helped. I love the picture I uploaded: Misericordious Jesus. I feel well and happy inside while I look this picture. Thanks God, I will never stop to pray you.
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@j_sgill (49)
17 Oct 08
oh come on people it is just a nickname why does it have to imply anything? Why do we always approach with this attitude and thinking, always looking for debate and drama, let's take some time to think calmly and act accordingly. Hello TheMoonGooddess I appreciate your post/discussion, it is touching. God bless you and may your faith and love for God be strengthened even further. God is so great and wonderful, please consider that their are many ways to God, I believe all faiths are good and truthful - they do not differentiate that much it is just that sometimes people do not understand. Any love and belief in God is wonderful and great, how you do this is not so important. So long as no one is causing deliberate disrespect, harm etc. to others what is wrong with that? What gives us the right to tell others what is right, what is wrong, why force our own beliefs on others? Just be humble and love God, be good, kind and respectful to one another, as much as possible live a good, honest life. Thank you and God bless, no offence intended to anyone.
• Italy
17 Oct 08
Thank you for your understanding J! I appreciate all you are saying! God bless you!
• United States
19 Oct 08
BAH. I agree with them... not totally right, But like said, that MY opinion if GOD deems it wrong he will tell you, you obviously have a relationship with him, enough so that he can tell you :) so there might be something wrong with me O.o I wonder... Yep prayer is needed :) I'm glad there is another christain on here that is so in awe of his mercy and grace that they posted, ty :)
@jesus777 (662)
• Bermuda
15 Oct 08
to me your nick implies that you worship the moon and not god god says that he is a jealous god and he will have no other gods before him i don't know how far your beliefs go you say you believe in god but do you believe in his son jesus he says i am the way the truth no man comes to the farther but by me so you cant get to god without going through his son jesus christ and im just saying that this nick to me implies that you worship false gods and not jesus christ the real one happy mylotting!!!
• Italy
17 Oct 08
Oh, I know and I love this Bible step: He Is A Jealous God. Infact I don't pray Saints or Maria (Jesus mother) neither anyone else out of God! I just love the Moon, created by God. This satellite is magic and I love it! However, God had helped me a lot of time, when I was in difficulty. So HE KNOW that I believe and pray him only, my nickname is an "Art Name", but DOES NOT IMPLIES my believing and Faith. Happy ML!