Giving a choice, would u like to be male or female?

woman - to be a woman?
October 7, 2008 7:12pm CST
If we can select our gender before we were born, which gender would u like to be? In modern days, with the growing burden of buying a house and a car, man are much suffered than woman. They say girls are money worship, they wouldn't like to marry u if u don't have house or car. that's a unilateral point! I do think some of us think like that,but all. since being a male should bear so tremendous pressure, then maybe be a famle is a good choice? According to the data of population census 2007, men have a 37,000,000 population than women. what a huge number! that could cause lots social potential dangers, if government couldn't solve this problem well. Under this condition, is it better to be a woman?
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@curious888 (1212)
• Malaysia
8 Oct 08
After suffering so much as a male, I would like to choose as a female, to experience her task.
@lynnemg (4535)
• United States
8 Oct 08
Regardless of what may seem to be better for society, I would still choose to be female, as I was born. I really don't believe that anybody should be able to choose the gender before a child is born. In my opinion, that is just immoral.