Do singles enjoy a party more than married people?

October 8, 2008 5:01am CST
I often find that singles attending a party tend to freak out more than married people. Either the wife is keeping an eye on the husband or the husband is keeping an eye on the wife. They are more concerned about who the other one is talking to, or they stick together. Singles have no inhibitions and roam around carefree. They talk to who they please,flirt who who they want.Come with someone and go back with someone else. Parties are great for singles. What do you feel?
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• Australia
31 Oct 08
Singles have more fun partying than married ones. There is no restrictions to their fun escapades because they can flirt, mingle with new friends, have drinks, chit-chat and more.
• India
8 Oct 08
Yes. you are right. Singles enjoy a party more than married people.
@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
8 Oct 08
when you are single it is easier to relax since there is noone looking over your shoulder and you dont have to consider someoneelses feelings. I prefer partying alone, not that I mind it when my boyfriend is around, but it is more fun when he isnt. And I dont mean fooling around with oters, because that is out of the question, but I dont know it is somehow different.