how to make a pizza

October 8, 2008 5:30am CST
anybody knows how to make a pizza with an easy ways? please give me some advice!!!
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• India
9 Oct 08
oven method: 1. preheat your oven about 180C. 2. buy ready-made pizza bases.. if you have plenty of time the you can just get dough. to make the method faster do not get a huge pizza if you are only serving yourself or two.. 3. spread the tomato paste on your pizza base.. do not make the sauce layer too thick or too thin.. 4. put the layer of ham in to your pizza.. 5. add a sprinkling of cheese.. you can put little or as much as you want depending upon your personal taste.. 6. enjoy it by adding sliced olives to your pizza.. if you dont have to have olives this is optional.. you can take any topping you want.. like extra cheese. meatballs, pepperoni, chillipepper, veggies and others.. 7. place your pizza on an over tray sprayed with olive oil.. so that pizza does not stick.. 8. put your pizza in the oven and turn it down to about 160C. you do not want to have to wait for the pizza to cool off.. 9. take out after 15-25 minutes, depending on your oven.. the cheese should be golden brown.. but it should not be burnt.. keep posting... take care and have fun..
@VE3IYB (209)
• Canada
8 Oct 08
It really depends on the region! Some like it with lots of tomato sauce, some not so much. Your toppings will vary by region as well.
@palonghorn (5483)
• United States
8 Oct 08
One of the easiest ways is with can biscuits. My dad used to make individual pizzas with can bicuits, you just pat them out flat, spread pizza sauce, and whatever toppings you like and bake them. It's really simple and they turn out good. For a little different taste you can also use english muffins, I have seen this done but have never tried this one myself. They also make pizza ready to roll out, usually in the same section as the biscuits.