Stop the fat pockets from draining us dry

United States
October 8, 2008 9:49am CST
More and More people have become credit card dependent. And the finacal companys have control over so many poeples life.. Now it's time to put the control back into our own hands. *Put your credit cards away. *Try to pay cash for things you buy, if you don't need it-don't buy it *quite over spending at holidays(if you want to give gifts-think about making them) True friends and family love you for who you are not what you buy them Gift basket are some of the most easiest and cheepest ways to go...Shop thrifty *Cut some of your bill. You can do this by eleminating things you don't need. Such as (Full cable packages, just how many chanels can you watch at one time!) *Phone service, Phone company are another company out there that is taking you to the cleaners.. There now is a deal that will allow you to use your internet as you phone and allow you to make and receive call for $19.99 a year. That means no more phone bill. So just think, How much that saves you a year. It is saving My mother over $500.00 a year. I myself have gone to cell phone, only because all our kids and family are spread out over the U.S. And we are fixing to down size to a Motor Home. But by going to cell phones we are saving $110.00 a month, thats over $1200.00 a year. So now I and my mother have gotten it to the phones services pockets. That one CEO that won't be using our money for his big $$$ spending. So....Sit down, write down what you pay out every month and see what you can do without. If you are a starbuck person, and get a coffee everyday, at even $5.00 times that by 7. Ya, that's right, you just wasted $35.00 a week, that's $140.00 a month. So you see, by just cutting down on some of those extra, you would be able to pay cash for the things you need or want and never have to use a Credit Card again. It just take a few simple steps... And then those CEO at the Credit Card Companys will have to find other ways to buy all the new cars, vacations, and extra homes. Why should we be allow them to live the life we can't. You work hard for what you bring in, Don't Give it Away to some over paid CEO that could care less wether you have a roof over your head or not.. Look at all your Credit Cards, Check the Balance, and work out your budget to start paying them off even if it means. No starbuck this month and sending that extra $140.00 to one at a time. Eleminate and live free again
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• Malaysia
8 Oct 08
hi tonnie, what you say about credit card is true, my advise for the people who still want to enjoy the functions of credit card... you can have the debit card instead... Debit cards, i) allow all transaction via the net ii) allow all transaction via the credit card terminals ... iii) money is put in earlier (as in savings) iv) you will get your points (like credit cards) v) you will get your building interest on your balance money So use the debit cards instead of credit cards .. cheers
• United States
8 Oct 08
Ya, Depite Cards are a good way to go if you just need to have a card on you. But you still need to remember. You have bills that need to be paid so don't over do it. Or you find yourself paying the back for non safiant funds. And that is just as bad as paying out all that intrest. Banks NSF fees can go from $20 and up per trasaction. So you need to watch that to. Oh ya, and if you play the lottery? only one ticket is going to win, so don't go over board and buy 100 dollar worth. Pick your numbers and stay with them. You will do better then changing number all the time.(that is another money saving tip)