the people you want to have dinner with.

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October 8, 2008 9:53am CST
name three people whom you want to have dinner with. they can either be celebrities, or common people like your friends or relatives. give us the names and tel us why. if it can become true. i am willing to have dinner with my parents first. because i have done something which i feel guilt to tem. i want to say sorry to them and i hope they did not care what i ahve said. the second person i want to dinner with is my gf, because she is at work. while i am studying, we live separately. the third, i do not know. i ahve not think it yet. may be my friends. it si a easy question. every time, i start thinking about this question, i do not come to a result. i only know. that it need not be necessarily celebrities or important persons with whom i would like to have dinner with, much more people with a heart. that is much more important than being celebrate. but one of my friend said, 1 Stan laurel, because i ahve always thought he was the funniest man i have ever seen. years but have bee unable to. 3 As today s my birthday and i will be 23. i will be making dinner for my self and my wife. i can not think of twopeople i would rather have dinner with than them. this topic should i spend brain to consider. the first person is my wife without question. because when you come back home from office, have dinner with wife which is the wonderful thing in the world. we can talk about something each other with dinner. the second person is one of friend who not see for long time. if you have dinner with him. your heart will be very happy and maybe you wil have more drink. the third person is the boss of my company. it is my dream. this company is a auto design company in Italy, he is agreat person, some classic car in the world are designed by this company. so i want to have dinner with him. i think it will come true in my dream. 2 my friend Jessie in one city who i have promised to visit for many
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8 Oct 08
Three comes so easily for me. My Grandmother, My best female friend Faith and my best male friend Patrick. Two have passed away and one is in Afghanistan fighting the war. Two are impossible because they have passed on and the other one is to far away. But that dinner is coming in November. I am so looking forward to it. :0)