How to work around the impossible moments

United States
October 8, 2008 11:55am CST
My boyfriend is off in College and is kind of going through a phase.A phase in which effects us most of the time.The fact in which we cant see eachother often is a major downfall.But we still manage to stand strong.We might be young,but there's just those moments where we realize that there's noone better for us but eachother.The point is that whether or not your together physically theres always a way to make it work. If your heart is full of happiness and joy there's nothing that can make you feel different,at times you may want to let go because it's so hard but theres always plan B. If you build a great relationship.A relationship where there is understanding,trust,faith,and belief nothing can take away from the precious moments you guys have shared. I just wonder sometimes about how others around see certain hardships in a relationship? How do little conflicts get in the way of who you really are and what is best for you?
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