A Mind is a Beautiful Thing

October 8, 2008 11:57am CST
I personally believe that our mind is the most Central and vital part of our body. To be healthy is not just to be healthy physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually and these four factors are all controlled by the way we think and depends on our state of mind. We should ask ourselves is our Mind healthy? What a healthy mind does, is that it will cause us to want to eat healthy to stimulate our physical well being. Eating healthy does not mean only eating vegetables or be on a diet for that matter, it means being responsible for what we put in our mouth because we are what we eat. It should make us want to have our regular checkup, making sure that the engine (our body) is running at peak performance. It will cause us to practice regular de-stress exercise as we are all stressed, life is stressful but the only thing that matters is how we deal with those stress on a daily basis so as not to have it affect our lives in a negative way which will intern affect our bodies health. A healthy mind makes us pro-active in our everyday living.
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