Have you ever worked as a PCA ( Personal Care Attendant)?

@Fairygrl (348)
United States
October 8, 2008 2:14pm CST
Hi mylotters... I just got an interview as a PCA. Im so evcited!!! I enjoy working with people an anything I can do to help someone or just make their day, I will do. So has anyone ever worked as a PCA? What is this expoerience like? Ive worked with my great grand mother who has alzheimers. And I was a volunteer at nursing homes in highschool. I just look at it asa I am a people person. I love to work with the public.. I just dont know what to really expect?! I guess you can say Im nervous. So please if yah worked as a PCA share your experience with me!! Thanks Happy mtlotting
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@capirani (1841)
• United States
8 Oct 08
Depending on exactly what you will be doing, your job could range from more of a companionship type to one where a lot more physical care is involved. Either way, it is very rewarding to be helping someone else who needs it. I worked as a nursing assistant most of my earliest adult life. Over the years I have also worked with MR/DD clients who have not needed so much physical care but have needed other kinds of assistance and as home health aide where the work involved everything from personal physical care to cooking and housekeeping for my clients. I also have had other health care jobs that were not classified as personal care. In all of them, I truly enjoyed the people I took care of. Sometimes the jobs were harder than other times and a lot of times I didn't really enjoy parts of the jobs. But they had to be done. And I knew if I didn't enjoy those things, my clients didn't either. So it just came down to making them as comfortable as possible during the time I was there to help them. It's normal to be nervous when starting out something new. Hang in there. If you enjoyed all the other volunteer stuff you have done, you will probably enjoy this as well. Although the actual work could be a lot more demanding physically, especially if it involves lifting your clients. Good luck!