Why does love hurt?

love - Theres this thing called love!!!
@Fairygrl (348)
United States
October 8, 2008 2:53pm CST
Why is it that love hurts? Im in a relationship an I love him with all I have. But I feel like its time for time away from eachother.. Im used to be with him all the time but it seems like I cant stand it anymore. I dont go out. I stay wit him 24-7. We do absolutely everything together.. And alls it always is arguements. About petty things so what do I do? Do I drop everything an move out? Or do I stay around and be hurt anyways? Love hurts!! Whatever way you loom at it! I can stay an hurt or leave an be hurt? So why is it love hurts?
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@rrowenaa (834)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
Love hurts coz u gave it all. Nothing left with u. Do u still love each other? I can see this discussion has been posted a week ago. I hope u two already settled it and happy together again. =)
@Fairygrl (348)
• United States
18 Oct 08
Hi.. You are right.. Since then we have been working on it.. It has been much better thanks for your response..
@rrowenaa (834)
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
i'm glad =) goodluck to both of u!
8 Oct 08
im in the same situation. me and my mum jst had a huge talk about it she said why be wiv someone who is always goin to bring you down and make your self confidence worse? when you can be out with mates, have a good time without worrying. you are picking happiness between love. your young, you don't always need men or boys around you, life doesn't revolve around them. like revolves around you and smiling, laughing, making the most of it all the time. who wants to constantly argue and be misseralbe? not me!!!! but it is very hard to dump someone or break up with someone you love. but being misserable and arguin aint going to help at all. its goin to hurt, but you will soon learn to deal with it don't you hate it when mums are right? its like listeing to your head instead of your heart for once.