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United States
October 8, 2008 4:13pm CST
what can you do if you have no luck finding work and you have no money?
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• Malaysia
10 Oct 08
Hi firebirdlizant, first thing, login into mylot and reply, comment and post discussion. It help to earn some money but not big money for you to survive. If really can't find any job, then would looking for part time job first like fast food restaurants, if still not able to, then might try to start some own business (small and different business), example, get some fried rice from stalls and help them to sell it in market and earn some money. Those would help earn small money till the new job found. Good luck!!
@sandymay16 (1618)
• Philippines
9 Oct 08
I've been there in that situation no job and no more money, my savings were all used up. I am still lucky because I live at home with my parents and I just do all the house work and never go out for fun except for errands and my mom will give me money for my personal use. Now, I don't have work just quit the job and my savings again were used up and I don't have my MOm anymore but I still live at home and everybody's helping me and I'm helping them too in whatever. And I'm doing some mylotting and looking for more like this while also looking for another job. Good luck to us.
• United States
8 Oct 08
Keep looking for, all the bad thing will be ednding up by some good. I'm sure you can find a job in the near future! Try online job searching engines or the local career office.