do you believe only LOVE can make you CRY?

October 8, 2008 11:50pm CST
they say, love can make you happy, and this is the only thing that can make you more aches...and make CRY?
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@juryse (752)
• Philippines
1 Aug 10
Love is one those things that can make you cry. As well as onion. =) Kidding. It's not the only thing that can make you cry. But when you get a heartache you feel as if you're going to die. Well that's an exaggeration. It hurts though.
• Malaysia
1 Aug 10
For me , it is the most difficult time trying to leave a long relationship because those involved tend to look at the cost of the break-up and whom it will affect rather that the benefits that lie ahead, particularly in peace of mind and a conflict-free environment, once the dreaded decision is made. Often people lack the confidence to change their situation because their self-esteem would have already been very low. That is the time someone else is often useful in offering support, a shoulder or other wise, to boost their courage and help them to make the necessary decisions to move their life on
@genihanna (358)
• United States
9 Oct 08
While, yes, it is true that love will stretch you from positive emotions to negative ones, it is also possible to feel compassion and empathy without actually feeling that deep feeling love gives you. For instance, when I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I always cry because I am so touched by the generosity and the sincere gratitude that that show emits. Yet, I don't 'LOVE' them. But I will say that only love can affect a person as deep as one can be affected. It's the strongest emotion there is - love for a child, love for a parent, love for a mate, love for a pet - there's nothing like it. Once I felt love for someone so deep that when he was killed, I swore I would NEVER love like that again - I could have never imagined how badly that would hurt me. And affected me so deeply - it's been 15 years and to me it feels like yesterday, it's still THAT strong!
@198610 (1)
• China
9 Oct 08
I think so
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
9 Oct 08
Well its not the only thing that makes you cry but i know I have shed many tears over the loves of my life, I think loving someone makes you weak in many ways, especially women, I think we are more will to give a lot more than men and when things don't turn out as we thought it really hurts...but is is better than never loving at all.