Level Invest really pays

@dodyast3 (1518)
October 9, 2008 2:33am CST
I referred by a member in MyLot to this site. I decided to try it and invest small dollars in it. I was surprise that this site is really pay. I received my interest a few days ago USD 2.20. I just requested the balance of my money, I think it will arrive in my Alertpay in the next few days. I decided to invest a bigger amount today for 200% return in 15 days. This can be fun :) If someone who never knew this site, they pay your investment 10% daily for 15 days. Meaning, if you invest $5, you will get $0.50 per day. At the end of 15 days, you can get your money back in total 150% from your investment. Or you can choose other option 200% in 15 days. You will not receive interest daily, but you will receive your money back doubled the amount in 15 days. I tried the 10% daily and it works. Now I just invested a bigger amount for 200%. I add the banner into my website which you can find it in my profile. However, please be reminded, do not invest too much money in it. They pay now, it's not a guarantee they will pay forever. Just place small amount of money in there. My investment is only $10 and the second one is $20. Good Luck and have a nice mylotting
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