how much time do you spend tweaking your Friendster account?

@desireeo (595)
October 9, 2008 5:42am CST
i can't believe the amount of time other people spend on Friendster. my sister for instance, spends all of her internet time on Friendster. well, i can understand that since she was just being introduced to the internet this past weeks. it's all new to her and she hasn't gotten her fill yet. my friend who came over today spent almost 2hrs poring over her account, uploading pictures and putting captions in all of them. grrrr, i had to wait the whole time to have my turn on the, what's in those social networks anyway? i mean it's enough when somebody sends me message and i can get in touch with my friends and get ideas of how they are thru pictures that they posted on their accounts. believe me, there are lots of pictures involved... well, it's fun utilizing everything there is in a social network. especially when you're young and gaining lots of friends thru it. i hate to think i'm getting way too old for this...:)
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