Valuable things which are taken for granted...

@Mirsya (520)
October 9, 2008 7:13am CST
I was thinking about things around us everyday. We take them for granted and when they're gone, we're desperately want them back. This happen to me some time ago. The electricity was out and I have a homework to do. So, I was doing it in the dark with only candle lights. That gave me a sore eyes. Now I know that electric lamps are very useful. Do you ever feel that way too?
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• India
9 Oct 08
same thing happen over here also that when electricity wa on i always used to flatter here and there and when it goes off i realize its importance just havea hought at that time..." ohh mai i have completed this work at that time only"
• Canada
11 Oct 08
There are a lot of things that I depend on such as electric lights, computers, THE INTERNET, money, but not a day goes by where I don't step out of the rat race to appreciate each and every one of these things. Every time my computer connects to the internet, and I order a cup of coffee to drink while I work, I feel happy to have these things available to me. Every single time!