Do u get along w/ your in-laws?

United States
October 9, 2008 9:40am CST
I do get along with them for the most part sometimes too well! I swear me & my mil are like best friends I talk to her way too much! And I get along w/ fil too. We do bump heads every now & then & when that happens it can be quite a blow up.
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• Philippines
9 Oct 08
My Father in law has passed already but he was nice, very serious and very quiet..just keeps to himself..when he's drunk he is quite talkative and a joker..My mother in law on the other hand is the opposite. She used to talk behind our backs especially mine and she makes rumors about me. We are a bit ok now but I know her feelings for me are not true..I feel deep inside we are just trying to get along and just being plastic about it. She used to belittle me because I got married to his son at a young age. Now I am something. I have my own job, I am the one providing for my family, I got to buy my own car..She always opposes me in some of the ways I want things to happen. Like once I wanted to go rent an apartment and just have the house we are living on rented. I want to do that because the house is too small for me and my family and the kids are growing and I want to rent it out to pay for the rent for the apartment. She opposed that and gave excuses to my husband so we ended up not moving. Once I wanted to re-open our store since her son doesn't work and having a store would give us extra income then again she opposed it and my husband had several excuses that came from her. Then when we bought the car and my husband showed it to her again she had so many languages against it. When she gives us money she lets out more words before she gives it out when in fact she should be helping our family because her son doesn't work. She babied her son that now he is to lame to get a job and gives me so many excuses like what she does. I have never liked her and I would never since she is not a good in law to me and she used to belittle me and I know and feel when she talks to me nicely upfront it's just a show off to the other people present and I hate plastic people.