Why are British obsessed with football (soccer)?

@24Champ (465)
October 9, 2008 10:04am CST
No offense meant, but I just like to understand why British are so into the game (or sports) of football like it is a religion. I mean there must be an explanation to this social phenomenon. Kindly share you views. Thanks.
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@littleone3 (2065)
9 Oct 08
I am British and i have no idea why either. I personally can not stand football i much prefer Rugby. My eldest son can't stand football neither and nor can my brother. So not all of us are obsessed with football. I was just wondering where you got the idea from that we Brits are obsessed with football.
@24Champ (465)
9 Oct 08
Maybe I was just generalizing. But it was a personal observation. During the World Cup, I remember, here in Leeds, they enclosed the millenium square just to show the football matches on a big screen. It was like going to a live concert. Students and professionals here are always playing football even when it's raining. Brits are glued to their TV sets when there are footbal matches. Elsewhere in England, I observed the same thing.
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@karen1969 (1788)
21 May 10
Football has been the national sport for a long time. A lot of people I know love it, including my son and my husband. (It is more of a male obsession than a female one!) The top football clubs get a lot of publicity and the biggest football players in the country are very well-known.
8 Mar 09
Yes, I do feel that football is quite a big thing. Don't know why tho. It takes over the TV aswel.
• Singapore
23 Dec 08
Well the game of football was "invented" in England, so I guess the Brits are just loving their own game.