comparing prices, which meals are the most ecomical for large families?

United States
October 9, 2008 12:06pm CST
What meals have you found to be the cheapest to feed your family? What meals are best to save money when cooking for larger families. Pleasse list your top ten saving meals and give an estimate of what that meal costs to prepare?
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@CanadaGal (4304)
• Canada
22 Oct 08
Hands down, the cheapest meal for me to prepare for my family is a spaghetti dinner. I tend to buy all of the items needed when they are on sale, so I can stock up. One 900g pasta pkg for 99 cents, one can of spaghetti sauce for 79 cents, 1/6 of an approximately $10 pkg of ground beef, and frozen veggies I bought and cut up on my own (like onion and green and red peppers). Pasta meals in general tend to be the cheapest. Even when I make Hamburger Helper for the kids, I can do it fairly reasonably priced, because I make one package stretch out farther by adding extra water and/or milk and my own pasta. I won't buy the HH unless it's on sale either. Another reasonably priced meal is breakfast for dinner. If I can buy a 1 lb pkg of bacon, or some sausages at a decent price, I can make that up with eggs and toast. Fast and easy and yummy.
• United States
22 Oct 08
That is a very good idea on the hamburger helper. I will have to start doing that also. Appreciate the information, and hope this will also help someone else! Happy My lotting!
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