are u making a difference

October 9, 2008 12:36pm CST
By coming into existance(birth) we stand liable to our mother, when educated we stand liable to knowledge but along these liabilities we have a liability for our NATION- India. We keep saying Iam proud to be an Indian but at the same time we also keep saying and listening when someone says India has no hope, nothing is going to change, the system, the administration and so on. BUT do we ever count as what is to be done by us, each one of us. DO U EVER THINK ABOUT IT - WHAT DO I DO FOR INDIA. If evre did think once I believe we will get the answer. So, DO U THINK U ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN ANY WAY TOWARDS YOUR NATION, YOUR MOTHERLAND - INDIA. THIS JUST NOT MEND FOR INDIANS,BUT SURELY I INTEND TO ASK MY FELLOW INDIANS. WHETHER U BELONG TO ANY COUNTRY THE QUESTION LIES THE SAME: ARE U MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
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