How do you define a friend?

@taface412 (3175)
United States
October 9, 2008 5:19pm CST
Everyone needs a friend. Sometimes in life we measure who we are as individuals by how many friends we have, but if we have one true friend then that should be enough. There are some people who do not fully disclose who they are to anyone one person because of a fear/mistrust of some kind and usually they are the ones who make sure there is a constant flow of acquaintances. But then there are some people who know the difference between acquaintances and a true friend. SO define what a true friend is and why you consider them to be this to you? How long did it take for you to find this friend? Are you exactly alike or are you different? Have you had ups and downs? Do you trust them? Go ahead a dish about them here.
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• United States
10 Oct 08
I guess a friend would be somebody who would help you move and wouldn't even complain about the cold or heat in which they had to do it. I've got a good friend I've known for a long time, we been through marriages, kids and a whole lot of other stuff. I trust him completely, I think we're long lost brothers.
@ladysong (12)
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
I know what is a friend and how to become a real friend. A friend is a person whom you can trust, someone whom you love and also loves you, accepts you for who you are. They are the ones who have seen you at your worst and celebrated with in times that you are up and victorious. Someone who shares their dreams with you and promises to grow old with you and sticks around with you even if the whole world hates you.
• Morocco
9 Oct 08
A friend is a person that you can trust on , share stuffs with and get help from , a friend is the one who can supports when you are sad , alone or in bad temper , the friend is a solution for some of your social problems , a friend is a part of your personnality which defines you as you are , a friend is a guy or a girl with who you can make things as conversations,hobbies,and so many things that you cannot do with a stranger ... that's a friend .
@Fedas777 (140)
• Ireland
9 Oct 08
Many people are thinking that friend is that person with who you are going to the night club, shopping or something like this. In reality many people don't have friends at all. I have one friend. I know him already for 20 years since i was 6. We both started school together and became friends from first day. We are different, we have different interests everything is different between us but both of us are enjoying to spend time together. We are talking about everything, we don't have secrets we know everything about each other. If one of us have a problem another trying to help straight away. We moved to different countries after school and living long distance away from each other. But still we are finding a time to meet each other ever it's not so easy.