life is so unpredictable

October 9, 2008 8:06pm CST
My mother who's only 55 yrs old just had a low-blood sugar shock and went into a coma for 4 weeks now. The doctor says she's brain dead and that she will never wake up. On top of that she has pneumonia, trying desperately to fight it. 4 days ago she was breathing fine, so the doctor took out her breathing tube. Within 8 hours, her lungs collapse and she cannot breath. So they put back the tube, but did not help. Now she's breathing very hard, trying to get air into her lungs even though the machine was there. Her eyes were open, it's like she's trying to tell me something. The doctor says she's still unconscious, so what she's doing is caused by the reflex of the machine, which made no sense to me. I felt she was going to wake up because of significant changes, like movement of feet, opening of eyes and moving her head up alittle. I don't know what to think anymore. Now, her condition is worst, she's not opening her eyes or moving. I'm sorry was all the doctor said. He wants us to decide what to do; to let her suffer like this or let her go so she'd be at peace. My heart is saying, never pull her plug but my brain is saying, let her go, don't let her suffer anymore. I love my mom immensely and because of this event, my health went down drastically. Doctors saying that if I continue to cry and stress out until I pass out I might go before my mom. Tell me what should i do?
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@Erssyl (617)
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
I can feel your sufferings.We do not decide for her to live or to leave.As you pray for her to heal pray for yourself too.So you may accept what God's will for your mother.Don't be hard on yourself you are still young you have to live for your own family.I'm a year younger than your mother but I'm suffering from a rheumatic heart disease.I have survived from first heart attack but the pain lingers for two years now.Every night I pray for what He will may my children accept so I can go.
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
i'm so sorry to hear about your mom's condition.tears filled my eyes while reading your post.i know that it's easier said than done,but somehow,you have to find a way to understand that everything happens for a reason.pray that it wouldn't be painful or hard for your mom.stay strong for your would hurt her to know that you're constantly crying.your mom doesn't want you to be unhappy. you'll be in my prayers.
@aprces (1082)
• China
10 Oct 08
you cannot help but accept it
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
10 Oct 08
I'm really sorry, which I know is the generic thing to say, but there are no words I can say that will make things any better for you. You knew the day would come that your mother would no longer be with you, and it's unfair that it's going to have to be this way. It probably is best that you let her go to have her peace. I'm not making the decision for you, but you have to understand that your life will go on and you will always remember your mother. Everyone loses their mother eventually, and some people never get to have a relationship with her. I hope the best for you, take care.