Do you have a third eye?

October 10, 2008 12:25am CST
Have you ever experienced to see a ghost in your entire life? Or were you able to hear things that is/are unusual, or feel something that somehow somebody is there watching you? Thank God, I don't and did not experience any of those yet and hopefully not. But my wife is. She saw their relative who happened to visit us when she was still alive right outside the door where our laundry area is. She was wearing the clothes that she wore before but her face was facing down as my wife told me. My wife was so afraid that she closed the door at once and even locked it. After 10 to 15 mins, she received a call informing her that what she saw was died an hour ago. Aside from that, she was also hearing things that were unusual and even experiencing that somehow somebody was touching her. I was on afternoon shift that time and she was so afraid to sleep alone in our room. So while waiting for me, she was sleeping with our daughter till such time that I'll arrive. Even me is scared everytime that she is telling me about thoses things. I just not letting her know. Good thing it never happen again for she was told to pray for all the souls everyday.
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10 Oct 08
Hi robert19ph, Yes I ave a third eye as well as your wife, your poor wife must have been really petrefide, her relative must have wanted to say goodbye to your wife, as long as your wife keep saying prayers they will be fine and not worry your wife, many things has happened to me and now I am a meduim and still learning. Tamara
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@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
10 Oct 08
My grandma told me that she has seen ghosts. She believed in them. I never believed her to be honest. Although I always found her stories as interesting. According to her ghosts can leave you money if they take fancy of you , otherwise they can do bad things to you. But I have never seen one any in my life.
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• Philippines
11 Oct 08
[i]Hello ronaldinu, I heard several stories about ghost also and I just keep my mind open. I also don't have a third eye and so I have never seen a ghost yet, which is very good. I don't want to have that because I am really a scaredy persons. The most strange thing I experience is when I was a kid. Across the street where we live we have this big tamarind tree, this tree is very popular because ghost like to live on this particular tree. Anyway, I just woke up one night because of a noise outside. When I look out the window there is a kalesa (this is our version of a wagon when there is still no motor vehicle yet, we still have it in some place) that stop. The horse won't move even though the driver (kutsero) keep on whipping the poor horse. The whipping sound is what wakes me. I don't remember how many hours they been already and finally when the horse move. Maybe a ghost is holding the horse and also the whipping is not affecting the horse in anyway. Regards. [/i]