toy trivia

October 10, 2008 7:05am CST
i started a discussion regarding toy's some weeks ago. a toy trivia to be exact, to test your knowledge about toys..i started with 10 question and now i am putting 10 more questionaire for yah all..hope that you'll answer the question without searching for the answers...good luck! 1. Which toy car company gets the right to produce the 60th anniversary diecast Ferrari cars? a. Dub City b. Matchbox c. Hot Wheels 2. Which Hot Wheels tack set doesn't require assembly? a. Starter Set b. 4 lane raceway c. Gorilla Attack 3. Which is NOT included in the Shelcore Toy Collection? a. Pound N Sound Xylophone b. Draw N Paint Blanket c. Sing N Learn Starmaker 4. Which is NOT a Hot Wheel track set? a. Blast & Crash b. Raptor Rampage c. Z-drop 5. Which Pirates of the Carribean 2 action figure has a snapping claw? a. Jack Sparrow b. Davy Jones c. Barbosa 6. Which is NOT included in the Magna Brands Collection? a. Magna Formers b. Magna Bugs c. Magna Robots 7. What is the world's oldest board game which was played in Babylon for over 5,000 years? a. Mancala b. Royal Game of UR c. Jumanji 8. Which is NOT a VTECH Laptop? a. Slimline Notebook b. Intelligent Max c. Advance Xtra 9. Which is NOT included in the Pixel Chix Collection? a. Beverly Hills Mansion b. Miami Beach c. Love 2 Shop Mall 10.How many Barbie Dolls are sold in the world every minute? a. 30 b. 60 c. 120 There you go...good luck myLot users.. chEErs!
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