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@desireeo (595)
October 10, 2008 8:58am CST
i'm embarrassed to say this but at this age i still get seasick or land-sick or whatever you call it. i love going to places but the process of getting there say, land travel makes me really wary of traveling. enclosed transportation like air conditioned buses or cars drives me up the wall. i can't help it. maybe, it's mind over matter coz every time i'm getting ready for a travel and i know the transportation i'm going to use is air conditioned, my mind gets so worked up and i would panic. so, that really makes me uncomfortable all throughout and the worst that could happen is that i would throw up. so shameful. my niece laughs at me every time. i've been like this ever since i can remember. there's a superstition in our family that i should eat fish that is ingested by another fish to cure my seasickness. i haven't tried it and i doubt if it works. there's a certain pill called bonamine that you can take one hour before traveling but i think the company has out-phased the product and i don't know if there's a replacement in the market. do you have any suggestions to avoid getting seasick or any recommendation as to what medicine to take so my stomach doesn't turn inside out every time?
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@SaintAnne (5453)
• United States
12 Oct 08
Hello desireeo... I get motion sickness too, especially when driving through winding roads. Boyfriend's dad lives in a town up in the mountains and the only way to get there is through winding roads. I've taken some anti-motion sickness pills but I always end up sleepy afterwards. Maybe you can go to a local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what they recommend. Anything with ginger (or ginger itself) helps. I try to sip ginger ale during the trip every now and then or take small bites off ginger snaps or cookies. But most times, I tell Boyfriend that I'd rather be the driver than be the passenger. I don't get dizzy if I'm the one driving. Hope this helps.