my dream of making a e-school

October 10, 2008 9:54am CST
my dream is to make e-school in india , which will be the best e-school in the world and it will have all the functions of a school , coolege and a universite so therefore a place of education of a individual from a child to a elder and it will have the education of all subjects in each and every field and it will have the best faculty in the world . i want some feedback from each and every one of you so that i can make it the place of education
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10 Oct 08
Dear Cooldev, i want to ask you a basic question....what is your actual motive behind th e-school?! If u r basically want to earn money from it then it won't work here. Why?!! Read on.... 1) Frankly the concept is nothing new in India.There are tutors in india who teach children abroad. In India we don't have a good Internet network. At least u'll need a broad band of 256 kbps for video conference,etc.IN INDIA WE DON'T GET BROADBAND IN REMOTE PLACES.And the people who particularly living in remote places will b interested in e-school. that becomes a handicap. 2)The expenses of computer,connection,etc. 3)U need to know how to operate a computer. If u have a good financial backing then you could definitely take a chance. Make a network across villages and provide them with computers,connections etc. But first of all u have to make the whole system legal.
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11 Oct 08
it is a totally new concept in india because till now there are e-school which has been successful in the field education . the just need is the proper planning . about the computer connection, we can get a new connection in 10000-20000 and it is not very costly. i am a computer expert and as well as a information technology engineer.making it legal is not the greter deal