Have you ever done something to your sibling and regretted it years later.

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October 10, 2008 11:45am CST
When I was a child, we went to see my sister at work. She worked for a community store chain. Well, my baby brother and I were in the very back of my family's station wagon. I don't know what possessed me to do such a thing. It was a very hot day in the dead of summer and I was eating some M & M's chocolate candies. He must have provoked me into putting them up his nose. The timing was pretty bad, as I struggled to get them out before my mom opened the door. What a sight! There it was pure chocolate streaming down his face. I frightened him into never revealing what I had done. I spoke to him about it lately and he seemed to brush it off. Does he still remember this event and has he forgiven my childish behavior. I didn't ask him to forgive me. What is wrong with me? I will though... Can you relate to this?
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
11 Oct 08
Welcome to mylot Uniquely_Designed! Unfortunately I have, yes. When I was very, very young I almost drowned my younger Sister in the bathtub and if my Mother hadn't of dealt with the situation right there and then it could have been a very bad outcome. This was over 30 years ago yet to this day my Sister is still nervous in water around me. I was only around 4 years old at the time but I do regret this incident and am thankful that it didn't end up far worse.
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12 Oct 08
James, it was God watching out for your little sister. You were too young to understand your actions. I truly appreciate you sharing your experience here. I on the other hand was of age and knew better. Blessings...
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