Qatar Airport's smoking area...whewwww!!!!

October 10, 2008 2:24pm CST
Destination: Kuwait! When i had my first vacation from my work, I had to stop over at Qatar Airport for 8 hours. I prepared myself to have a long hours before I take another flight going to Kuwait. I went through the Airport's Mall, talk to my fellow countrymen and share ideas with them. When i feel thirsty, i bought a bottle of soda and ask where is the smoking area of the airport. The security guard was so very kind in telling where the place is..Oh, i said Thanks!!anyway, im sincere on that. When i opened the door of the smoking area, i was surprised!!! I felt i was in a disco bar having a nice dance with the strobe lights and smoke machine. On that day, i really want to smoke, so i got in! Really? I cant even see the face of my fellow smokers on the room..You know what i mean? I just finished the puff and go out smelling my shirt hahaha. When i got out, the steward is asking for the passengers going to Kuwait. I rushed in and asked if i can go with that flight. Location:Kuwait Airways..I was sitting near the window and I noticed that my seatmate is so unconscious. I asked her why.Anyway,shes a 40yr old Irish lady. She told her like this..."Actually (with an accent of Harry Patter's character), I don't like your smell.It weird!Would you mind if you change your clothes off"? I didn't ask why but i was so ashamed. So, i stand up and took my hand carry bag and got shirt. I rushed onto the toilet and changed. When i came back, Ms.Maryknoll is smiling at me and handed over a Hugo Boss Energize perfume.Take it,she said. I sprayed it all over my shirt and wrists and then i gave it back to her. Now your ok,she added.Take the perfume with you and hope you remember me. The ROOT CAUSE: my smoking at Qatar Airport's smoking area!!!Thats it! Is the thing like these happened to you? How did u manage?
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@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
15 Oct 08
My wife also travel often and most of the time every year in Qatar Airways for she is also a Filipino and the only flight that would go direct to her hometown in Cebu Philippines and even I when I do my vacation for 2 times with her and I never encounter such things in the Airport of Qatar......