Which is best for email--

United States
October 10, 2008 3:23pm CST
Yahoo, hotmail or gmail? Or are there others that I am forgetting? I want to set up a new email account, but I can't decide which to use. Do you have a favorite? What do you like or dislike about each? Which is most secure?
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@nocovi (517)
• China
24 Oct 08
I love gmail most and I can access it on my S40 phone very perfectly.
@trixyteddy (1072)
• India
12 Oct 08
I have an account with all three, but I use gmail regularly. Its very user friendly and comfortable. I also use rediffmail.
@twoey68 (13650)
• United States
10 Oct 08
Personally I prefer Gmail. I have a Yahoo account but never use and I really don't like hotmail either. I do have about 6 gmail accounts b/c each one is for something different. [b]~~IN SEARCH OF PEACE WITHIN~~ **AGAINST THE STORMS, I WILL STAND STRONG** [/b]
@LouRhi (1502)
• Australia
10 Oct 08
I have accounts with all 3, I like gmail the best and that is the one I use as my main account, the others are purely for chatting. I have never really used yahoo though so I can't say to much about it. I used to use hotmail all the time, I never had that much to complain about but when gmail came out I liked the name so I had a look there. I love it. Everything about the way it is set up is just great, very user friendly and easy to use.
• Philippines
10 Oct 08
Hi Sillychick, I would like to share with you my favorite e-mail provider so that you can have an idea of what you should choose. My favorite e-mail provider is gmail because it has superb features. I opt to use this because it is much faster to retrieve emails compared to those two. Gmail is not just a web-based mail that can be only accessed when the internet is present; it has a POP access that lets you work with your preinstalled outlook express (with simple proper configuration) on windows so that you can retrieve your e-mails and save them to your PC and you can read it even you're offline. Although Hotmail has recently opened this kind of feature, I can't tell if they are much easier to configure. Gmail is also more secured from viruses. I've tried and tested this feature. I am now using gmail for two straight years and it was worth it that I tossed my old yahoo and hotmail e-mail addresses to the trashbin. But the decision is still in your mind, I hope you can have the final choice.
@Grandmaof2 (7602)
• Canada
10 Oct 08
I have hi speed through my phone company which gives me outlook express, I love it but I only use it for my family, friends and ebay. For all else I use hotmail and I have never had a problem unless everyone did due to technical issues. It works for me and I am most pleased. I will admitt however I have never had much to do with yahoo, I disliked it as a homepage but used it some for searching the internet which was OK, and I have never heard of gmail. Guess I wasn't much help but at least you know I'm thinking about you.
• India
10 Oct 08
For me, gmail is best.
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
10 Oct 08
It would depend on what you are looking for in an email account. I like Yahoo because it immediately puts most things that look like spam into your spam folder. AOL now provides free email, for the past year or so. I like it because you have a lot of options when setting up your mail preferences. It is very good for blocking sites from a parent's point of view. AOL also allows you to make signatures that you can use for different email accounts. This is very handy. It also allows you to email a whole group at once, which depending on your use could be quite helpful.