United States
October 10, 2008 6:25pm CST
why is it that some family just doenst derserve to be called family??for instance, my dads side of teh family has never loved him and they have always told him so, but he never believed it. they would tret him like crap and he woukldnt say anything. his own father stole his ss number and almost got him locked yup! it got so bad that he actually had to have a new social security number issued because there was too much stuff to clear uop. his father would also never let him work, even when he fot married!!he rented my parents a house, and he made my dad work fior him repairing expensive tractors that peiople would give him about 2000.00 to fix, and all he would give my dad was a bag full of h.e.b food a week. when my dad asked him for money, and that he wanted to work, my grandfather would tell him "what do u need money for? you have this house and i give you food every week!" and he would still not let him work. it wasnet untyill my parent movd to florida that they fousn out the reasin my grandpa woudlnt let him work weas because he was using his ss number for child support that he oved and credit cards and other things. the only was my parents found out was because once he got a job and his social security number started sirculatting, they send him a warrentfor his arrest. after that, nit only did my grandfather hate my dad but so did his brothers and sisters, for ratting out the "father" that stole his identity. it got dso bad that one time my aunt told my father that she not only hated him, but me and my briothers too, and that she would do anything in her ability to harm his children, an dthat he would never make a name for himself and he woudl amount to nothing. my father never spoke to her, an acre of land, 3 vehicles, and a new brick house aunts and uncled are crying that the miss him and they wnat to be a family again. funny how this all started happening once my father got a good paying job and money, huh? oh, and as for his mother, shes always too busy to visit him. unless hehas money on him.
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
10 Oct 08
yes some people do not deserve to be called family even if they are, I see it all the time grab grab grab and use to get what they want, I hate the way people use people today and that does include family these days once upon a time family meant you could depend and trust but not any more,...from what i have seen over the years is the reason I love animals so much...