how many people do u know r fake?

October 10, 2008 7:40pm CST
I guess we r learning everyday who the fake people r. I dont know what these people get out of being fake. You can help all people that need help but some dont need the help but take it anyway. You have to look deep inside the person to find how fake they really are. I understand their drive to try and be better then everyone else either cuz they got youth on their side but u know it takes more then that to be human in heart. Why cant people be real and tell u the way they feel without hurting people. But the truth is the people in this little town are fake. Ive seen fake people and its really sad that they have to be. Can anyone out there tell me y the people today are so fake?
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@bryanski (497)
• Philippines
11 Oct 08
I don't think there's a lot of 100% fake people nowadays. Although it is possible that there are only a few (rare) who are 100% fake. But I believe there are a lot of people who once in their lives became fake, but not totally. Faking is just like lying. And sometimes people fake for a good reason -- just like a white lie. I guess that is part of human nature. But there are also those who intentionally make themselves fake and harm people. I guess these are the selfish people whose interests are for themselves only not considering the fact that they are stepping in other people's feet. So to avoid fake people, you must have alert senses. It's good to catch fake people in the act so they would learn and maybe change.