citrus fruits-reducing fat

@vsraovsr (734)
October 11, 2008 2:48am CST
I heard thatby consuming lemon juice daily will reduce fat in the body over a period of time. Is it true?
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@annjilena (5620)
• United States
11 Oct 08
well i lost 35 pounds many years ago on a diet it started with lemon juice and water the first day and i could have all the juice i wanted that day but only juice any kind no food.the next day i could have rice and vegetables the whole day and the next day i could brown rice and meat the whole day this went on for about 6 days then you rest off it three day then you started over see the lemon juice acted as a cleaner for your body perparing it to diet.
@vsraovsr (734)
• India
11 Oct 08
Thankyou for your valuable suggestions and am happy to know that what I heard is true. Relating to this topic,I would like to suggest you to refer to my blog on benefits of lemon. The blog address is
@cncoke (439)
• China
12 Oct 08
Oh,I'm not sure about that.I heard that cucumber can reduce fat in the body.But the precondition is that not to eat much pattypan.Let's have a try.Because I weight 70kg.