Top discussion to day !!

October 11, 2008 6:55pm CST
People can you tell me how to make a discussion which goes throught easly in this list : Top discussion to day , it will be so helpful if someone can show us the systme how it does work , to past to this level of discussions , so what do you think about that , any suggestion ?? any advices ?? can we make this one one if those types of dialogues ??
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@shalk_man (189)
• Morocco
12 Oct 08
the subject must be longer and must have a largest number of responses and be rich of informations that he's attract readers and draws their attention
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@myklj999 (61506)
• Olney, Illinois
12 Oct 08
There is no set "formula" that will give you the top discussion of the day. A lot of it deals with luck, what time you post it, will lots of people be able to relate to it, etc. Just do your best to try and post topics that you think will interest many people, and most of all, try to enjoy yourself. Top discussions are a nice achievement, but just having fun is what really motivates me.
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• India
12 Oct 08
the best way to be on list is to make a quality discussion and get the most of the responses...this is the system how it works....sencondly u can make discussion which is very common for all n interesting to answer will more likely catch the attention of others..........i think its enough ...if i forgot something....Gud luck!!!
@narayan2006 (2954)
• India
12 Oct 08
A discussion to be most effective and to deserve top ranking,it needs to draw/attract many responses and comments.It should be highly interesting,original,non-repetitive,unique and of high quality.The themes and ideas contained in a discussion should be so selected,it attracts the attentions of most mylot friends and stimulates curiosity and thinking for many of us here. Thanks.