The day a student suicedes in a school !!

October 11, 2008 7:03pm CST
It was a big and a hard news to believe , a student from a private school suicided after a short negociation with his teacher , witnesses said that the problem started by a small argumenting dialogue , and this one transformed to insultes and offences which pushed the student to jet his self into the air from the second etage , he fall dead on the ground ,.. What is the raison of the whole situation ?? nothing just few words .. What do you think about this accident ?? How do you see it ?? Can give explainations to the student's reaction??
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@shalk_man (189)
• Morocco
12 Oct 08
I think that students such as those to have other causes them to despair of life, such as problems which are prevalent in their homes or the environment in which students live. but the professor could be also a cause of such incidents, if he don't take a student like her son and he did not try to understand and listen well to them. and the student may be oedipus or have an incident made him lose hope
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