OMG,anti-wear cloth?

October 11, 2008 7:49pm CST
Ooops, this accidental event is really embarrassing. I did once or two. Last summer, i got up so hurry that i didn't check my cloth. When i was walking on the street, i found all the people were lgughing in their beard. I just didn't now why. When i was in my class, all my classmates laughed, They asked me to check my cloth. Only when found i anti-wear the cloth. Bcz the brand is outside, and the thread of cloth too. My face were really soooo red at that time. Lol,some even wear the wrong stockings, wt make things wrose, she wore skirt that day. OMG, terrible awkward!! all friends here, have u ever anti-wore cloth?or smthing like this?
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@shalk_man (189)
• Morocco
12 Oct 08
No I have not putting a cloth bi six
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@deathvans (301)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
yes, I did that before.. But the worst part is when, I forgot to zip, my zipper, walking down the streets, feeling cool, then suddenly wonder, why is that everyone is looking on my pants, when I got turned.. I did saw it.. It's open.. Oh men.. I got screwed up..LOL.. that was embarrassing.. the worst part is that, you don't wear your underwear, they will your thingy down there..LOL.. haha.. have a nice day then.. Happy MyLotting.. ^_^
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@zatak07 (699)
• India
12 Oct 08
lol...don't worry babyorchid...we're on the same boat, i came across such things many times even worst than that (but i would'nt tell :-) )but it's somewhat ok when it's among frens but for me if it was in front of the strangers i think i'll have a red face :-)
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