helping someone without thinking why you need to help?

October 12, 2008 2:21am CST
i was having a walk in the park one day, and there was this guy very formal but dirty in a way. his dress was destroyed and really kinda drunk to death. i help him going to the doctor. and he never knew that i was the one who help him.. and now everytime we see each other he seemed like he knew me.. but i do know him.. the only thing i did not know is that he was the son of the governor in our city.. heheeh amazing hu?how a bout you have you tried helping someone without thinking why you need to help?
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• Canada
25 Jan 09
ALWAYS.. forever since I can remember I have always helped people without even thinking about it. It is in my nature and like you I have helped people who were VIP. One doesn't need to ask if it is evident the person needs help. The other day I was at the garage, a man came in and I saw his ear was I went up to him and told him..he said that it might be his cat..that morning that did I told him to get some toilet paper and that I had anti-bacteria gel in my purse and I would clean it up. I did, he thanked me very much.Then the owner asked me if I knew the man ..I said no..he told me he was the President of a very famous company. I laughed and isn't important who he was..all I did was help. But one never knows who we are helping and also in the Bible it is written that angels are amongst us and you never know that you might be helping they are here to test us to see how generous we are..if we do as Jesus said.
@inarkel (28)
• India
18 Oct 08
Yes.i also help others for the pleasure of my mind. i'm not thinking that i can get anything from them.if we help others we also get help from others. so be helpful always.
@potrish78 (742)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
Well, it's in my nature to help other people but I need to think why I'm doing so. Like for example if I will be helping for the greater good. I won't help people if it would bring about harm in other people or if it would have a negative effect on other people's lives. I will most likely help those needy people. People who are hurt, people who needs assistance like elderly and injured people. To sum it all up, I will help for the greater good. God bless you!