Can you sleep with eyes open or eyes closed with light falling on it?

October 12, 2008 3:03am CST
Dreaming is a characteristic of a human but dreaming with eyes open.Sharks does this.Why we don't do it?It is because our sleep strategy is different from sharks and other animals.Our eyes closing completely is our first step in sleep.After this our sensory organs starts to sleep.Now all of you got the reason.Light stimulates sensory feeling and disturbs sleep so we cant sleep with light falling on our eyes.
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
12 Oct 08
I once knew a guy that used to sleep with his eyes open and to be honest it's kinda freaky! lol. You never knew if he was asleep or awake and he would just lay there snoring softly and just staring into space. I remember reading stories about people in history that trained themselves to sleep with their eyes open to scare of any intruders that might try to harm them in their sleep. I am sure it would have been nothing but a ruse though because even though the eyes may be open the person is still asleep and can't actually see anything.